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Welcome to DLMB, the comprehensive site to find demotune lyrics! Here you will find the lyrics I have been able to collect at the moment so you can sing to your favourite demotunes - or even organising a karaoke compo at a party! To start searching the site, you can use the boxes below. If you want to list the complete archive, click here. If you have some corrections or new lyrics you want to add please feel free to send them to stage7 -at- stg7 -dot- net, specially the ones listed at the bottom of the page. I will be very grateful :)

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A space for scene-poetry (Spanish only)

En los virtuales sueños capturados,
en una bomba de humo, un loto negro
en el desierto de Kefren fue hallado
cual relicario de los siete nexos.
¡Oh! ¡Poder de las flores! ¡Anarquía!
¡Vacas volando sobre los melones!
¡El flujo de mi mente es factoría!
¡Pulsos nerviosos sois de mis axones!
Como el Fetiche de los Nueve Dedos,
el estado del arte no interfiere
a Andrómeda Estelar, real y compleja.
Ya que ver es creer, demuestra o muere,
traviesa sensación en sector rojo...
O vuelve a las raíces de la escuela.

-- HAM^Software Failure


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Lost and still to be found

- Dead Ringer (Reed, from Dead Ringer by Fairlight) Thanks, Reed!
- Promised Land (Man With No Alias feat. Caroline, edit from STS-04: Instant Zen by Synesthetics)
- Feels so far (Radix & Lluvia)

Thanks to...

Thanks to slack^Necrostudios for giving me the idea of collecting demoscene lyrics, also for some corrections and improvements he gave. Thanks to RockhounD^bixo for writing some of the PHP code - I would have been unable to finish this without your help! Thanks to everyone who provided lyrics. Thanks to Virgill and Reed, who sent me some lyrics of their own. Respects to jeenio :) Greetings to the kind people at Pouë who kept the original BBS thread alive, and the ones that posted new stuff for me to add. And thanks to the PaiN staff for the reference they made to this web in the 12/06 issue!

Big thank you to the musicians that keep the music-scene alive, being lyricists or not. Thanks to those keeping the scene alive, in general (or else! :))

Greetings to Aardbei, anadune, Apocalypse Inc., ASD, BASS, Bixo, Candela, collapse, Conspiracy, doomsday,, Fairlight, Farbrausch, fuzzion, Glenz, Haujobb, Kewlers, Limp Ninja, MFX, Moods Plateau, Necrostudios, Network, Nuance, Orion, Padua, PwP, Rebels, rgba, spöntz, Stravaganza, Synesthetics, TBL, TPOLM, TLOTB, xplsv, zonaneutra and everyone I forgot!

-- stage7