1st DLMB Karaoke Contest
<noouch @ pouet.net> I dread the day where I will see a demotune karaoke compo...

The first officially awarded karaoke compo in a demoparty was held at BCN Party 111 on 13th October 2007, and the experience was great. Final winners were ps^tpolm and silenci^zona neutra (the prize consisted on a humble personalized diploma with the party and web themes), but AMB^level64/spöntz and slack^Necrostudios were brave enough to hit the stage and sing, too! We hope this baptism of fire will make some others emulate them and take the microphone just for fun. It's not that ashaming! :)

The songs

These were the songs that made the available set for the compo. The chosen ones were actually numbers 4, 6, 7, 11, 13, 14, 17, and 24, that eventually led ps to the victory.

1. Rob is Jarig (Aardbei)
2. 1, 2, 3, C-64 (Little Bitchard)
3. Artcity (Virgill)
4. Be yourself (from Metalvotze's Winnerdemo)
5. Candytron (kb)

6. Choose zero polys and shaders (Little Bitchard)

7. Conciencia (Blood/TLOTB)
8. Elements (Virgill)
9. Fair play to the queen (Teetow)
10. Farewell (Rebels)
11. Hyperventilation (Byterapers)
12. Karaoke Sing-Along (Titan)
13. Robotic Liberation (viznut)
14. Sanovat että... (swallow)
15. Sixty four scene (Padua)
16. The Code Inside (Little Bitchard)
17. Tonight, tonight (Wayfinder)
18. Vamos à Breeze! (Jeenio)
19. We compute each other (Willbe)
20. Resurrection (Fear Factory from VIP 2)
21. PC caca (Santo)
22. Un xiptun para sentirme mejor (rolemusic)
23. 5711 For Life (knuddel)
24. States of Mind (Senser)
25. Ocean Machine (yolk)
26. 21st Century Digital Boy (NoisyMan/Bad Religion)
27. 303 (Vic)

We had some problems when running States of Mind but well, it was our first time so these things tend to happen :) As a final word, I would like to thank EviL^GlenZ, who kindly co-hosted the contest and sang with the rest of the contestants; thanks to the orgas too for making all this possible; and thank you to the contestants for making this first edition a success. I hope to meet you all again next year!

And a word for you, party organizers and fellow sceners: if you think a karaoke compo would fit your party needs and want the resources to revive this experience, just drop a word to stage7 -at- stg7 -dot- net and I will provide you with the necessary files to make it possible :)

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