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1, 2, 3, C-64 by Little Bitchard
21st Century Digital Boy by NoisyMan & Bad Religion
303 by Vic
5711 For Life by knuddel
8-bit mentality by stage7
All Falls Down by Hunz
An den wahren Menschen by paniq
Artcity by Virgill et al.
Be yourself (We have computers which can beat your computers) by fieserwolf and Amaretto Gangsta
Be yourself (We have computers which can beat your computers) [Outtakes] by fieserwolf and Amaretto Gangsta
Be yourself (We have computers...) [English] by fieserwolf and Amaretto Gangsta
Breaking Shiva by Genox
Breakpoint Hallelujah by Jayne, Truck, Zania, Gargaj
Can ever be like before by Arnola
Candytron by Tammo 'kb' Hinrichs
Chapi Chapo by François de Roubaix
Choose zero polys and shaders by Little Bitchard and 1in10
Conciencia by Blood
Da cube 2 by bp & sml
Dead Ringer by Reed
Der 8-bit Teufel by Retal
Der Moment by paniq
Der Weise by paniq
Die Ewigkeit schmerzt aka. Barcode anxiety by paniq
Die Ewigkeit schmerzt aka. Barcode anxiety [English] by paniq
Discordian Thoughts by aMUSIC
Don't Deceive Me by Khrome
Doofe Nuss by paniq
Drifting by Jeenio
Duell der Giganten by paniq
Elektronische Musik by paniq
Elektronische Musik [English] by paniq
Elements by Virgill
Elevated (live at Breakpoint 2010) by puryx & Ultrasound
Evoking by jeenio
Farewell by Ellie, Thomas, pohar, vincenzo
Gospel Karaoke by Der HM
Heilige Säure by paniq
Heilige Säure [English] by paniq
Hermes soundtrack by Teetow
Hoidon tarpeessa by Phaser
Huudan (Et sä kuule) by Bugi
Hyperventilation by yolk & legend
I am you by aMUSIC and Leviathan
I can't fuck it up by paniq
I Realize by Radix
Ich mag die Drogen by paniq
IRC by paniq
Irritating Rational Concentration (optimized) by Zito
Italiano by Little Bitchard vs 50 cent
Jetzt by paniq
Karaokeeeee Sing-Along by Ikkadia & red
Kusi aka. The Secret Life of Mr. Black by Dune
Legomania by FireStorm
Life (The Little Song) by paniq
Liquid... Wen? part 1 by Turtle and Teque
LOL, Internet by JCO
Meet The Family by Reed
Memorize your dinner by Arios & doh
Minä omistan by Groo
Music by Virgill
My Way by paniq
Neurons: Fire At Will by paniq
Nonstop by Deetsay
Ocean Machine by Yolk
PC caca by Santo
Pete loves Veronica mix by Elusive
Progress without progress by Viznut
Purple Ending by Willbe, Navy and Chaosnet
rakkaus meitae yhdistaeae by harmonian polku
Rand by sml et al.
Rattengift by paniq
Resurrection by Fear Factory
Rob is jarig by Aardbei
Robotic Liberation by Viznut
Robotic Warrior by Viznut
Ryg is jarig by Limp Ninja
Sanovat että by Swallow
Sceners in the sun by Zito
Se a ti te gusta a mi me encanta by jeenio
Sie ist tot by paniq
Sixty four scene by The Syndrom
Skip by Mantra Porno
Smells like scene spirit by BASS
Spaceship Graveyard (Prisoners of the sun) by Willbe
States of Mind by Senser
Sunny Ray by Spaceboy and Femke
Syö leipää by yzi
System override by Mystical
Take a deep breathe by Kaktusen
Take my hand by Kezoomer
Tämä musiikki on autenttista ja ehdottoman eksaktia by rjv
The beams are gonna blind me by Lotek
The butterfly effect by aMUSIC feat. Katya
The code inside by Little Bitchard
The next level by Viznut
The scener song by jeenio
The winning song by jeenio
Tonight, tonight by Wayfinder
Trocken by Sire
tyttö tuli herättämään minut by dizzy
Un chiptune para sentirme mejor by Rolemusic
UnreaL 2 by Purple Motion
Vamos à Breeze! by jeenio
We compute each other by Willbe
Wind under my wings by aMUSIC and Valeria Blonde
Wir sind Einstein by slyspy & Pala
World domination by Lfodd and mc vocodd
Z2 - Der Zementmixer II by Tammo 'kb' Hinrichs, PuRGE and Smash Designs
Zyprexa by Sire