I am you
aMUSIC and Leviathan
Andromeda Software Development (ASD)
I'm not a product of your dreams,
I'm not either injected into your fantasy
by some conspiracy or diabolic plot.
I was, I am and I will be
a part of your crystalite world.
Omnipresent, spreading my roots
deep into your nightmares.
I cannot be removed.
I am just there.
Because I am, none other...
than you!

You are a dream.
You are the whispering twilight,
shining into my world of illusion.
You are the warmth of my mortality,
A moment in time.
You seek after me.
You are forgetfulness,
but you are forgiveness also.
You are the child I wish I had been,
the innocence I could never recapture.
You wish to embrace me.
You are but the candle's flicker,
yet you can set my heart ablaze.
You cried for me,
yet not one tear has reached me.
You need not despair.
You'll be there still for me to long for.
For you to be reflected,
into the stare of my loving eyes.
For you to be dreamt of.
For you...
am I.
Provided by: The Blue Talkz