no prod
no shot
no group
no Pouët link
no external link
Leaning back in my couch
Floating above the floor
I find myself hoping for
Someone who knocks at my door

10 years have passed behind
Since I have seen anyone
Silence is my only friend
Silence that has no end

Drifting in this empty sky
Falling asleep as I lie
There will be no-one to cry
I will be the last one to die

And as hard as I try
All that I find
Is an empty void where I drift
To the dark corners of my mind

Primary engine is started
Towards the sky now I go
Speeding on my flying sofa
Like an arrow shot from a bow

Sweeping across on my radar
The screen is dark as the night
Is no use to fight
Better to turn off the light
Provided by: Jeenio