Da cube 2
bp & sml
Da cube 2
we must be blind
and we'll never change this
we're used to their unyielding
will and breathe
no toxic air
to reach the surface
we're too deep
and everything we love
to destroy us

created by ourselves
following ideologies
we're damned
there's no way
nobody will remember us
and when we die
no rebellion
no stop

easy to crush
we're like working ants
won't return
to save the others
but those who meet the light

swimming in a cloud of gloom
they'll find a way
to break it all
and forget the truth

where our sons
will cry forever
walls of despair
we create more walls...
and instead of fighting
time is passing by

to the point
of selfdestruction our minds
and they erased
and manipulated
to break the wall
we have made

they destroyed every try
just as they want
for those we'll never know
filled with darkness
we only see the walls
of a cube
no exit
there's no light
claustrophobia is making us blind
so closed...

caged in a cubic society
we're like pets
everyone is a cube
you're a cube
i'm a cube

they have stolen our life
they created our world
they disabled our senses
they closed our eyes closed inside
we'll always be the future
so we can't see with no colors
a cubic place!!!
a better place...
this world let's gonna make

stop raytracers
no splines
no beziers
break cylinders
raze those ugly torus
kill soft edges from them
save cubes
destroy spheres
make cubes
feed cubes
procreate cubes
Provided by: trace